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Lilac Moon Spiritual and Holistic Healing

Ancestral Veneration - Manifestation Candle

Ancestral Veneration - Manifestation Candle

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This manifestation candle helps to open a portal between you and your ancestors / spiritual court. Building a relationship with your ancestors can help with purpose, guidance and generational healing. Break family curses and heal childhood traumas by connecting with your bloodline. They love you. They want to have a relationship with you.  Death is not the final stop and there is always work to be done. As above, so below. 


Ritual: Find a quiet / private area of your home to set up space for your candle. Use florida water to cleanse the outside of the candle and the area where you will be placing the candle. Light candle. Set your intentions and craft a beautiful prayer, venerating and thanking your ancestors for their sacrifices and protection. Be specific in asking for the type of connection you want (reason, purpose, etc.). Meditate for at least 10 minutes after your prayer to listen, feel, see the response of your ancestors. Do this daily to build the energy (ase). IMPORTANT: Do NOT blow the flame out. Let it burn as long as possible and transfer the flame to a new candle as the current one burns down. The light leads your ancestors to you. If it's not possible to keep the flame going - snuff the flame out but do not blow it out (this blows away your intention along with your ancestors' progress).

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