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Lilac Moon Spiritual and Holistic Healing

Chill tf Out - Manifestation Bath

Chill tf Out - Manifestation Bath

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These salts are enhanced and enchanted with essential oils and herbs that metaphysically bring forth manifestation for clairvoyance, intuition, stress reduction and progress. the Lavendar and Lemon Grass complement each other well and make clarity of the mind easily achieved for meditation and healing while in your bath.  Water is transformative bringing forth assistance of African Orishas (Orisas) Yemoja, Oshun, and Olokun. When intention is set in a manifestation bath, your own magic propels the attraction of the energies brought forth by these guiding forces. 

Ritual, Light a candle. Use 1/2 a pack per bath and set / say intentions aloud (sound is frequency - it's a language of the universe).  Pairs well with Mother Moon manifestation candle.

****This bath was blessed / enchanted using Oriki to Oshun, Yemoja and Olokun performed by our Priestess Omi Jemilua. 


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