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Lilac Moon Spiritual and Holistic Healing

Aphrodite - Magical Face Toner

Aphrodite - Magical Face Toner

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Aphrodite magical face toner brings love and romance to the user. Use this toner during your morning routine before applying your make up, in the middle of the day for a lovely, fresh reset and at the end of the day when removing your makeup. 

Ritual: Apply this toner while standing in the mirror and say affirmations to manifest the love you desire. This facial toner not only has the healing benefits of witch hazel, but it also has moisturizing benefits from added vitamin E. What makes this toner magical is the combined properties of moon water, rose quartz chips and the enchantment performed by our Priestess. The scents of rose and magnolia leave you feeling like the sexiest woman in the room. 

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