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Lilac Moon Spiritual and Holistic Healing

Mother Moon - Manifestation Candle

Mother Moon - Manifestation Candle

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Mother Moon Manifestation Candle brings clairvoyance and intuition to the user, invoking the divine feminine energies of our mothers before us - harnessed by the moon. Use this prayer during prayer or meditation. 

Ritual: Lite this candle in a quiet and private space and say affirmations to manifest the divine feminine power you desire. This candle not only has the healing benefits Amythyst and Lavendar herbs, but it draws healing powers during deep breathing through Lavendar and African Lilac essential oils. The enchantment on this product was performed by our Priestess. The scents of lavender and African lilac will keep you in a state of spiritual divinity and clarity all day. Do not be surprised if you experience stronger connections to the spiritual realm after use.

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